Have a fire plan
Don’t let your future go up in smoke…have a fire plan
fire safety on…… fire hazards gone
Fire prevention is better option.
keeps you cool
Fire safety keeps you cool
  • Solution

    An effective protection concept may succeed or fail depending largely on the level of professional consulting and planning. Firetec India’s fire protection specialists survey the building, the terrain or the construction plans at the site itself. They identify the deficiencies in regards to fire protection and then prepare appropriately tailored fire protection conceptual design as per the National - International. So it’s not only the product quality that’s correct.


    Our working approach is absolutely process driven and result oriented. We make every effort to repeatedly get better and update our development process and system to stay in tune with the modern technology. Our customer friendly services, flexibility and competent project management has contributed considerably in building long time business relationships. Firetec India possesses well qualified, determined and dedicated team of Engineers steered by lead project managers who quickly adopt to benefit our clients. Our crew has expertise to deliver high quality, cost efficient and on time Fire protection services. Our team’s ability to provide prompt and value added safety services is what distinguishes us from others.


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